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Big Changes in Store for Google Ads in 2019

Last week was the much-anticipated annual Google Marketing Live where Google unveiled features and products coming out in 2019.

Last year, Google announced YouTube lead ads, smart campaigns and responsive search ads. This year there were many great products digital marketers will want to dive into—especially Discovery and Gallery Ads.

Google Discovery Ad details:

  • New visual ad format
    Last year, Google introduced Google Discover to replace Google Feed. Now advertisers will have the ability to showcase a single product image or service or multiple images in a swipeable carousel format. This format is similar to a Facebook ad appearance.
  • Ads use the “power of intent”
    “Power of intent” means ads display based on consumers’ past site visitation, app downloads, videos watched and map searches.
  • How it works
    Discovery ads are a new campaign type in Google Ads. Advertisers much launch a Discovery campaign to run discovery ads. When setting up Discovery Ads, advertisers will enter one URL link, at least one image, a logo and up to five headlines and five descriptions. Google will then use machine learning to serve the best combinations of your headlines and descriptions—automating the ad optimization process.
  • Where ads display
    The new Discovery ads squarely fit the theme with visual formats that appear in multiple Google feed environments—across YouTube home feed, social and promotions tabs in Gmail, and on the Google Discover feed.
  • Large audience and growing
    While the Discover Feed is only six months old, 800 million people are now using Discover on a monthly basis.
  • No search intent
    Search is not the intent of these ads. Compelling creative as well as effectively telling a visual brand story will be important to the success of these ads. It will not be about keywords.

Google Gallery Ad details:

  • New visual ad format for mobile search results
    Visually compelling ads that appear at the top of mobile search results only. These ads offer a scrollable gallery with between four and eight images and up to 70 characters available for each image.
  • How these ads work
    Advertisers pay for these ads similar to a CPC basis—whether a user clicks to a landing page or swipes to the third image in the sequence. The cost is the same.
  • Search intent
    Gallery ads combine search intent with a more interactive visual format. These ads only display in the top ad position in the search results and compete against other text ad formats in an ad group.
  • Other details
    This format is not available for desktop display but may become available in the near future.

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