Why Your Website is So Valuable

Posted on: March 21st, 2019 by Curtis Digital

No matter what size or structure of your business, organization, or online store, your website should be one of your most valued marketing resources. Understanding its far-reaching potential will help you realize the importance of this investment.

Credibility and Brand Perception
In today’s world, your website not only validates your business, but can offer the credibility to build upon your brand perception—to tell your story and position your brand amongst (or above) the competition. A website can make a one, two or three person operation look as impressive as a Fortune 500 organization. And, it doesn’t end there. Your website has the potential to never stops selling and building your brand. It exists to work 24/7 to speak to your existing clients and new prospects.

Not only can your website reach those who specifically search for products or services like yours (those further down the sales funnel), it also provides the main hub to push or pull prospects to content or a customized page that is tailored for a given audience. Your website allows visitors to access desired information, download a white paper or coupon, or participate in a webinar in exchange for contact information. And with this small amount of information, you then have the ability to engage and nurture prospects—understanding each visitor’s interest., even seeing past interactions with your website and digital channels. This information helps you spend your marketing dollars wisely while you successfully achieve more customers and brand advocates.

Valuable Search Traffic
First, let’s consider the search traffic that is available to you. Did you know, 88% of consumers research product information before they make a purchase online or in the store—26% on tablets, 42% on mobile, and 67% on desktop. These statistics not only illustrate the extreme sales potential of this 24/7 virtual hub, but also the importance of a well optimized responsive website. Let keyword research be the foundation of your site structure, content, blog development and more.

Your Digital Marketing Platform
But don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting it’s a Field of Dreams solution—“If you build it they will come”. It’s just the opposite. You must develop a content marketing strategy that will continue to drive new traffic to your site as well as your other digital channels. The marketing potential is huge. Use the site as your main hub to engage prospects and nurture your leads. B2B clients can even integrate a CRM and an inbound marketing platform, such as Hubspot or Zimplify, to allow sales and marketing efforts to work in tangent. Together, with your website as the engine, you can successfully move sales leads down the funnel, seeing data in real time to nurture each lead. Like your own crystal ball—WOW!

Digital Analytics Eliminates the Guesswork
No marketing medium has the 24/7 reach potential like your website. A virtual hub that can integrate perfectly with other digital channels, to nurture sales and build brand advocacy while offering the analytical data to guide your ongoing strategies. There is no guesswork. And, sales and inbound marketing platforms make your job even easier with all channels combined to retarget your leads and win more business. There’s no doubt—your website investment is worth every penny.

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