DuBois Chemicals

Project Brief

DuBois Chemicals is headquartered in Sharonville, Ohio and has been serving customers for almost 100 years. Their value-added custom chemical solutions are designed to improve industry processes, offer sustainable solutions, and provide peace-of-mind. DuBois’ innovation solutions can play a critical role in reducing operating costs, lowering consumption of natural resources and eliminating waste that must be disposed or further treated. These cutting edge technologies help companies reduce chemical, water, labor and energy costs.

Project Solution

Having elevated the online brand and visibility for Blue Star Lubrication Technology, a recent acquisition by DuBois Chemicals, Curtis was selected by DuBois to deliver the same excellence for their new website project. DuBois was looking to bring all their acquisitions, including 12 sites, under one branded DuBois umbrella site yet provide a clear understanding and searchable value for the 6 market areas they serve. Curtis recommended a microsite structure with a main corporate site and six market microsites, including Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Paper & Pulp, Water Treatment, Auto Wash, and Fleet Wash. These market sites are easily accessible through visual links and a top level microsite toggle. The finished product not only enhanced the DuBois brand, but the market structure provided visitor clarity and expanded organic search opportunity.

SCOPE: Challenging Microsite Structure (WordPress), Keyword Research, Site Optimization

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